Looking for the perfect place for your surf vacation with your family and friends? Well you have found it at Villas Jacqueline. On the beach at Playa la Saladita, just north of the resort of Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo,  the peeling left point, mellow line-up and laid back Mexi-style atmosphere make Saladita the surfer's destination. And with the best access, combined with a good price, Villas Jacqueline is the surfer's choice.


Direct flights to ZIH from anywhere in the US, an easy drive from the airport, safe, secluded and friendly, Saladita still retains the secret mix of ease and exotic.

Our accommodations are designed to provide a comfortable, relaxing Mexican beach vacation experience for surfers and non-surfers alike. Every rental features a kitchen, air conditioning the best access and view of the wave at Playa La Saladita. Not a distant view, but step out your door and into the surf. It doesn't get any better. It certainly doesn't get any closer!

Safe, secure and priced to make your vacation affordable as well as enjoyable,  Villas Jacqueline and has what you are looking for -- An affordable beach house right on the wave.